Pressure Care

Pressure injuries could develop in anyone with reduced mobility. They usually occur when you have prolonged pressure on bony prominences such as the elbow, heel, shoulder, back of the head, lower back and the buttock area.

When left untreated, pressure injuries may lead to serious complications. Therefore, prevention is key to managing areas at risk of a pressure injury.

Prevention tips can include regular changes to position, good hygiene and skin-care, as well as a healthy diet.

Whether you need shower, toilet & bathroom modifications, access ramps or grab rails, we are here to help. All mods comply with the highest industry standards.

Do you need help with product selection and sizes? Please contact CQ Mobility 1800 20 10 70 or 07 4926 1071. For Therapist Solutions, please inquire about how else we can assist you.

Pressure care

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Pressure Care