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Pressure Care

A pressure injury is localized damaged to the skin and underlying soft tissue. The injury occurs as a result of intense or prolonged pressure or pressure in combination with shear. There are 4 stages of a pressure injury.

Stage 1: Intact skin with non-blanchable redness of a localized area
Stage 2: Shallow ulcer with a red wound bed. May also be blister like
Stage 3: Full thickness tissue loss. Exudate may be present. Depth can vary by anatomical location
Stage 4: Full thickness tissue loss with exposed bone, tendon or muscle. Exudate may be present. Exposed bone, muscle exposed.

Assistive Technology to assist in decreasing the risk of pressure areas

  • Bedroom Equipment- static pressure relieving mattress, alternating pressure mattress, sheepskin heel/elbow protectors, heel float, positioning products, gel products
  • Seating- pressure reducing cushion for a lounge chair, car seat
  • Toileting- padded toilet seat covers, pressure reducing seats for commode
  • Everyday Aids- skin protectors, adjustable sheepskin footwear
  • Skin Integrity- specialized skincare range for showering, skin barriers, lotions


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