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Post Surgery Recovery

Planning ahead can make recovery go a lot smoother after surgery. Asking questions on what can and can’t be done during the healing process and seeking help from family and friends to prepare your living space.

Do changes need to be done to the house?

Set up the home to make life easier and safer when returning. Asking doctor, nurses, or healthcare professionals about getting the home ready for return.

If the surgery is planned, prepare the home in advance. If the hospital stay was unplanned, have family or friends prepare the home before discharge. The home needs to remain safe.

Stairs. Stairs can be an obstacle after surgery. Often practice while still in hospital occurs before going home.

Equipment. After some types of surgery, special equipment may be needed at home. Planning ahead is the key, elevated toilets, shower seats, supplies to care for the wound, or other items. Check private health cover to see if equipment sale or rental is covered.

Wound Care. Keeping the wound infection free is the top priority after surgery. The wound needs to be kept clean and dressings changed upon direction of the healthcare professionals. This will encourage more movement if the wound is not as painful during recovery.

Encouraging safety at home.

Extreme caution needs to be taken after an operation to prevent falls. The correct equipment in place can support recovery needs.

Also, try these tips to avoid falls after surgery

  • Sleep in a bedroom near a bathroom.
  • Place night lights in hallways.
  • Get rid of the clutter in your home.
  • Wear flat shoes or slippers.

Recovery can be quick and returning to the regular routine can be achieved if a discharge plan is in place before heading home and following the direction of healthcare professionals.

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