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Living With Arthritis

How to live with arthritis

If you have arthritis, you might find that living with the condition poses significant challenges. Fortunately, there are many services and products available to help you manage your arthritis.

Getting regular exercise is one of the most effective ways that you can treat arthritis.

  • Strengthening –resistance bands/tubing
  • Aerobic- exercise bike or pedals, wrist and ankle weights
  • Range of movement- shoulder pulley

Arthritis and your home

Arthritis suffers are more likely to have weak joints and likely to damage healthier joints easier.  It’s important to protect these joints by finding the best techniques for doing daily tasks and making good use of equipment designed to make your life easier.

Products and equipment are available that can, for example, help to:

  • turn doorknobs and keys
  • reach for and pick up objects
  • get in and out of chairs
  • get dressed
  • prepare food
  • do household cleaning
  • manage in the bathroom.


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