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Life after a Stroke

A stroke can also be known as a brain attack. This occurs when blood flow to an area of the brain is cut off. Oxygen and glucose needed to survive are deprived from the brain cells. Permanent brain damage or death can result if not treated early.

Safety is a top propriety when returning to the home after a stroke.

General Guide for Assistive Technology around the home

  • Bathroom Safety – shower chair/stool, over toilet aid, grab rails, handheld shower hose, toe washer
  • Mobility – walking stick, quad stick, wheeled walker, wheelchair, scooter
  • Rehabilitation Devices– exercise putty for hand therapy, hand splints, exercise pedals, transfer board
  • Kitchen Assistive Devices– adaptable cutlery, dishes, jar openers, cups, tipping kettle, one-handed products
  • Bedroom Safety– height adjustable bed, bed rail, bed stick, self- help pole
  • Chairs– high back/ low back chair, lift/recliner chair, dining chair
  • Dressing Aids– long handled shoe horn, pick up reacher, dressing stick, button hook, sock aid


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